My Services

My theoretical approach is based on my training as a counseling psychologist, family and marital therapist, and over 35 years working in mental health and psychology.

I offer a variety of psychological services, including:

The most central idea of my work is that I work collaboratively with you on a timely and helpful solution to your problems.

The goals of my treatment include relief of the symptoms that brought you to therapy, helping establish positive solutions to problematic areas of your life, and providing helpful information and resources for your situation.

Unfortunately, I cannot promise a “cure” for any problems you may have. Sometimes in therapy, emotions and feelings may be very strong, and can be experienced as negative in nature. I will keep your best interest in mind throughout my therapy with you. In our treatment planning, we will discuss areas to work on, our goals, the methods I will use, and some other things. I may ask you to work on homework assignments outside of therapy. You will probably have to work on relationships in your life and make long-term efforts to get the best results. Change will sometimes be easy and quick, but more often it will be slow and frustrating. There are no “magic pills” nor easy solutions to most problems. However, you can learn new ways of looking at your problems that will be very helpful for changing your feelings and reactions.