Fees, Payments, and Billing

If you are covered by insurance, and I am a contracted provider on your insurance, Catherine will assist you in determining your benefits and co-pays. You will be responsible for your co-pay, but if your insurance company does not pay, you will be responsible for the entire fee. I have no role in deciding what your insurance covers. Your employer decided which, if any, of my services will be covered and how much you and I will be paid. You are responsible for checking your insurance coverage, and sometimes you are responsible for getting pre-authorization. Your insurance contract is between you and your company. It is not between me and the insurance company.


  • Diagnostic Interview:  Ask about current rates

  • Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy:  Ask about current rates

  • Court Testimony, reports, travel, etc.: Ask about current rates

  • Psychological Testing: ask about rates

Telephone consultations

Telephone consultations will be billed at the above rates. Of course, there is no charge for calls about appointments or similar business issues.

Accepted forms of payment

I accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards for payment of services. I will electronically bill your insurance company if I am on the panel, and can send in your receipt for panels I am not on.

I usually expect payment for services at the time they are rendered. For legal services, a retainer may need to be paid to guarantee my services.

If you think you may have trouble paying your bills on time, please discuss this with me. I will also raise the matter with you so we can arrive at a solution. If it then remains unpaid, I must stop therapy with you. Fees that continue unpaid after this will be turned of to small-claims court or a collection service.